Learn why the majority of money that gets invested in “mental game” and “mindset” coaching isn’t actually helping you get what you want most:

Get in the zone and Win more with less stress

Dear Friend,

If you want to learn how to use presence and connection to play to your full potential, this letter can show you how.

I’ve created a program called:

“Presence and Profit”

It’s not cheap, and it’s not for everyone.

There aren’t any quick fix “mindset hacks” or “sexy tricks” in here.

Instead, it teaches you the essential building blocks of presence—through guided exercises that will have you feeling deep connection and flow anytime you want, and clear explanations behind the mechanics of how peak performance is created, sustained, and (unfortunately for most) destroyed.

In other words:

All the stuff that the top performers in the world (whether they’re conscious of it or not) have internalized—and are using to feel clear, grounded, and present—to bring out the best of themselves when it matters most.

It’ll only be worth your time and money if you’re a serious player who’s already got a pretty solid understanding of poker.

But if you are, and you use the materials inside regularly, you can become the version of yourself who recognizes what needs to be done, and just does it—with no fear, doubt, or hesitation.

  • No more letting emotions build up until they suddenly overwhelm you.
  • No more punting your stack away to ruin what was a great day.
  • No more being the player who has all the answers when talking hand histories or sweating your friends, but can’t access those same levels when you’re the one playing.

With presence on your side, you can leave all that behind.

So that all the knowledge and wisdom you’ve accumulated can flow out of you—as you play with a confident, relaxed focus.

Some details for you:

Presence and Profit” is a series of audio and video lessons which contain what I believe are the most powerful exercises and performance frameworks you need to know in order to access the most present version of yourself each time you play—all presented in the easiest possible way to access and digest.

Everything is delivered straight to an app on your phone or iPad.

So that anytime, anywhere—you can bring yourself into a deeper state of presence and connection.

Like when you’re starting to get agitated in the middle of a session and really don’t want to punt it all away like you’ve done so many times before, but you aren’t quite sure what to do about it …

Of if you’re on break, deep in a big tournament, and you want to feel as clear and grounded as possible before playing for life-changing amounts of money …

Or if you’re just relaxing at home with a few minutes to spare and want to quickly level up …

You can flip straight to any lesson or exercise on your phone, and within a few seconds be rewiring your mind and nervous system through presence and connection.

And immediately feel the difference in just a few short minutes.

Just like in poker, there’s no money-back guarantee.

So read carefully, take it all in, and make sure these ideas feel important to you before you buy.

Here’s some of what’s inside:

  • Learn how to instantly recognize the emotion of fear in yourself and in others––and how to quickly “melt” that fear away and bring yourself back to flow.
  • How to get so connected to the flow of the game that you can begin to sense the intentions of your opponents before they even know it themselves.
  • A detailed breakdown of the concept of momentum—how it actually works inside the game of poker, and how to take advantage of its natural cycles for maximum performance.
  • Awareness training exercises that will build up your ability to stay focused, refreshed, and alert deep into your sessions.
  • How to learn more efficiently, and keep what you learn––no more “in one ear, out the other.”
  • Grow your capacity to feel completely comfortable in your own skin no matter how pressurized the environment around you gets.
  • Gain a deep understanding of how projection works inside the mind—so that in each moment you’ll know whether what you’re perceiving is just you projecting onto others, or if it’s actually the truth and should be included in your decision making process.

Speaking of truths …

Here’s a fundamental truth. One that the world has got upside down.

Your mind is a reflection the state of your nervous system––not the other way around.

If you’re tense, anxious, and stressed inside …

You’ll have tense, anxious, and stressed out thoughts.

But when you can get it just right inside:

Calm, relaxed and focused …

Your mind will fall right in line.

The “mindset coach” industry wants you to think that just by reading and repeating a things to yourself like “just be logical” or “it’s only the long run that matters,” you’ll be cured of all your suffering.

It’s incomplete, and inadequate.

And you know this.

Otherwise you wouldn’t still be reading.

You’d be enjoying all the money and happiness that came from having fixed your “mindset problems.”

But here we are.

People go and talk to mindset coaches for countless hours and way too often walk away without having shifted much of anything.

They often feel better—for a while.

And they get positive reinforcement, and plenty of compliments for showing up.

But the behavior patterns that they came with?

Almost always unresolved.

And if anything, it’s more frustrating, knowing you’ve spent all that time and energy trying to fix this issue, and still having to watch yourself blow up and lose your cool when it matters most—in real time, at the table.

The twist:

Your mind isn’t the problem.

And that’s why you can’t get to the root of the issue.

When you try to “fix” yourself by hammering an idea into your brain (like “don’t be results oriented”) over and over without adding presence and connection to the experience, you always end back up at square one:

Angry, frustrated, and feeling like a crazy person as you try to convince yourself of something that deep down you’re not ready to believe.

You can’t think your way out of this.

It’s not your mind that needs convincing.

Its the rest of you.

The 90% of you that doesn’t exist in the conscious mind.

The part of you that’s in control of more than your mind could ever conceive of.

What you need is to stop thinking and trying so hard.

And instead learn how to sense, feel, and connect to the parts of you that can actually execute these high-performance concepts when real money is on the line.

What you need is presence.

Presence gives you access to your highest levels of knowledge no matter what is happening around you.

When you have it, you stop trying so hard -- and you let the game come to you.

You let your intuition guide you, and you feel intimately connected to the pace and flow of the table.

Your ego steps aside, and you naturally perform your best, without needing it to look or feel a certain way.

You enjoy the game, and the game enjoys you.

When you have presence, you profit.

Using the techniques in “Presence and Profit,” youll:

  • Learn the tools that build lasting emotional intelligence, and how to channel the energy of your emotions into higher states of presence and focus than you’ve ever experienced.
  • A technique to wipe your mind clean from all agenda so you can get out of your own way and adjust smoothly and quickly to what’s happening around you.
  • Become adept at marrying the art and science aspects of poker, and when to use “thinking,” and when to use “feeling.”
  • Four ways you can quickly reduce the impact of adrenaline inside your body, your mind, and your decision making process.
  • A practice that will allow you to “unhook” from people and events in a way that your nervous system actually understands—so you can move forward without the baggage.
  • Demystify what exactly the top echelon of “terrifying” pros are doing to create the effect of being so present, aware, and unbeatable.
  • Discover how to continuously increase your poker ceiling, while also playing up to your full capacity on a regular basis—so that all of your potential gets realized.

“Jason’s wealth of knowledge on emotional intelligence and its application in a risk-based business is an untapped, hidden edge that few explore. Can't recommend his work enough.”

Matt Berkey Founder and CEO of Solve For Why solveforwhyacademy.com

In poker, you’re constantly in the unknown.

The highest performers arent the ones who eliminate the unknown and the uncomfortable––theyre the ones who learn how to thrive inside it.

You dont need to meditate an hour a day or become enlightened – whatever that means.

You just need to rewire your mind and nervous system to replace fear and adrenaline with presence and connection.

You need tools you can trust when things are going wrong—tools that will create a that feeling of connection inside you that nobody can take away.

Here’s how I got here:

I’ve played poker since 2002 without a losing year.

Live, online, cash games, tournaments, no limit, pot limit, mixed games – you name it, I’ve done it.

Looking back, I remember a handful of sessions early in my career where I’d stumble into “the zone,” and just make the perfect play at the perfect time over and over.

Sometimes I’d stay in that place all night.

Other times I’d take myself out of it midway through a session and punt.

Either way, I’d come home and ask myself:

“How did I get there, and how can I get back?”

And never really could find the answers.

Jason Su 15 year pro + author of the book, Poker with Presence

It always bothered me, knowing I had another gear, but that I could so rarely find it.

So much potential wasted.

Until many years in, when I began studying the way the mind, body, and nervous system work together.

Eventually, I was able to deconstruct those magical sessions.

I learned how to break down the specific components of my sessions that were putting me into deep connection and flow, and over time put together a series of frameworks and exercises—building out and testing these components one by one, making sure that I could feel the difference in the quality of my experience each step of the way.

From there:

I found that by consistently practicing these techniques, I was able to go years where I could look myself in the mirror and truthfully say that I had never gone below by “B game”, and had played my “A game” at least 95% of the time.

Fully engaged, completely present.

And finally realizing my potential as a player and person.

I created “Presence and Profit” to show you the most impactful parts of my journey––so you can reap all the benefits of my long exploration without having to experience all the cycles of mistakes, pain, and frustration I went through.

There’s no fluff in here.

No talking about “why” you have the problems you have.

No new mental models or ways to inject logic.

Because that stuff doesn’t work when you don’t have presence––and when you do, you don’t need it anyway.

When you have presence, you stop talking about it, and just start doing it.

That’s what crushers do.

When the money’s flying around and your destructive tendencies are showing up …

You don’t need to know why its happening––you need a way to feel calm, relaxed, and focused again––and you need it fast, before all your chips bleed away.

“Jason’s work is a new paradigm in poker and performance.”

Nick Howard Founder and CEO at Poker Detox pokerdetox.com

Presence and Profit contains over 70 lessons on how to perform at your highest levels for long periods of time, including:

  • How and why self-sabotage cycles exist, and a way to “cycle through” them in a way that raises your performance over time.
  • Techniques you can use during sessions that honor ancient martial arts principles which allow fighters to speed up or slow down your perception of time and space as they wish.
  • Learn how to spot and translate emotional cues that your opponents are unknowingly giving off—signals that, when you understand them, create massive exploits in your favor.
  • How to rewire your subconscious response to lean into relaxation rather than surge further into stress and adrenaline at the first sign of discomfort.
  • How to consistently grow your ceiling, and also hit it each day—on and off the tables.
  • Use presence as a guide to making a clean break when your sessions are over—so you can be fully there with the people in life you love most.

“Jason’s lessons on achieving and maintaining the flow state are practical, and inspirational. And the benefits extend far beyond poker. These teachings are applicable everywhere and always.”

Tommy Angelo tommyangelo.com

This program is for people who want to do, sense, and feel.

If you do the exercises regularly and make it a point to come back to presence in times of stress, you will find yourself playing, thinking, and living from a completely different state – one that will change your relationship with poker, and with yourself.

But if you don’t, you won’t.

If you just want to talk about your problems without taking direct action to make it better …

If you’re mostly interested in running around in circles talking about “why” …

Or if you’re not yet ready to change the way your mind and body work together …

Please don’t buy.

If you don’t have a modern smartphone capable of running a basic app, this isn’t gonna work out.

If you’re not a serious player already working on your game, this course won’t magically give you technical knowledge you don’t currently have.

But if you’ve got a solid base of poker knowledge, and are interested in learning how to quickly bring yourself back into presence and flow – with ease, no matter how fast the world is moving around you …

If you want to stop wasting your potential and show yourself what the results look and feel like when you get completely locked in …

If you want to eliminate the gap between your theoretical knowledge and your actual performance

This course will show you how.

All at a small fraction of what it costs to work with me one on one.

To access the tools and practices inside Presence and Profit, click the button below:

Click Here to Join Presence and Profit

All sales final.

If you’re not 100% sure you want to go down this path, please don’t buy at this time.

If you are, I’ll see you in there.

Jason Su

Presence and Profit

Copyright Jason Su All rights reserved.

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